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Specialists in Manufacture and Repair for the Mining, Forestry and Industrial Industries

NorFab Metal and Machine provides custom manufacturing of equipment and consumables for the mining, forestry and industrial industries. The company is ISO 9001 registered and certified with the Canadian Welding Bureau (for both steel and aluminum). It provides complete solutions for material handling applications and any

NorFab Metal and Machine

other custom manufactured product including but not limited to: custom-fabricated rail equipment such as ore cars, locomotives, personnel carriers, shocrete cars, material handling cars, sealed slime cars, ballast cars and ore car wheels and axles. They also manufacture a full line of mine consumables, hydraulic cylinders, pneumatic cylinders, buckets, teledyne side dump stations, ramp dumping systems, bottom dump systems, sprockets, a patented mill hole liner integrated system, couplers, industrial duct work, quality machined parts for any application and much more. The company also custom manufactures open pit parts and consumables and overhauls various types of machinery and equipment.

NorFab Metal and Machine

NorFab Metal and Machine houses a fully equipped pipe fabrication shop capable of roll grooving, cut grooving and threading which allows them to process your industrial piping needs efficiently and to your specifications. They can handle your cut / roll groove requirements up to and including 66″ in diameter, and their field division can also provide a mobile team for your pipe removal / installation needs. NorFab’s well equipped 25,000 sq. ft. manufacturing plant is located in Porcupine, Ontario, Canada and has a lifting capacity of 25 tons.

No matter where your location, the company, with its highly skilled team of employees, works closely with domestic and international clientele to develop a personal relationship resulting in an economical, quality assured product every time.

Product Lines

NorFab Metal and Machine custom manufactures products for the mining, forestry and industrial industries.

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